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When it comes to child support, North Carolina uses a structured system that determines the amount a person must pay based on the following factors: income of each parent, how many nights with each parent the child(ren) stay per week, other child support payments, who pays health care and day care costs, and other extraordinary expenses. There are three worksheets that North Carolina uses to help determine the child custody amount: Worksheet A, B and C.

Worksheet A is used for when one parent has primary physical custody of the children. This is when one parent is only seeing the minor children every other weekend, or some similar arrangement.

Worksheet B is used for when parents have joint physical custody of the children. Typical arrangements seen for Worksheet B are a 2-2-3, alternating days, or alternating weeks.

Worksheet C is used when there are multiple children and the living arrangement is not the same for each child. An example of this might be that one parent primarily has one child, the children spend the weekends together, and other child resides primarily with the other parent. Another reason to use Worksheet C is if one parent has two children and the other parent only has one.

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