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Solid Defense For Post-Conviction Matters

Direct Appeals

Not all cases end at trial. Trial courts are not perfect. The judges, lawyers, and jury are all human and make mistakes. When that happens, you need the assistance of an appellate attorney. You need someone who knows how to navigate the appellate system and show the appellate courts why the outcome should have been different. That’s where our attorneys come in.


In a criminal case, maybe you didn’t get a fair shot and there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it at the time of trial. Maybe a witness recanted their statement. Maybe there was a significant change in the law that favors you. If you are seeking to take another shot at overturning a conviction, we can help. In addition to direct appeals, our attorneys handle post-conviction motions such as Motions for Appropriate Relief and Habeas Petitions.

If you need an attorney for an appeal or need assistance with post-conviction relief, call our firm today at 984-297-0075.