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Fighting For Those Accused Of Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are among the most serious charges in North Carolina. A conviction can not only impact your liberties, but also your reputation. Even a misdemeanor assault charge can come back to haunt you later on a background check.

At Dobson Law Firm, PLLC, we take all criminal charges seriously, providing a skilled and dedicated defense. You can rely on our lawyers to go to bat for you at all stages of the proceedings. We know how to look for gaps in the prosecution’s case and identify any grounds for dismissal, acquittal or a reduction in the charges. Our goal is to do whatever is in our power to protect your rights, freedom, reputation and future.

Assault, Battery And Domestic Abuse Charges

You can turn to our defense attorneys for help fighting assault or battery charges. Depending on the circumstances, these charges may be misdemeanors (simple assault or battery) or felonies (aggravated assault or battery). Domestic violence charges involve inflicting harm or threats against a family member, current or former romantic partner or household member. While many domestic violence charges are misdemeanors, a conviction can still have far-reaching consequences, including depriving you of your right to own or carry firearms.

Read more about these charges.

Manslaughter Charges

These charges fall into three categories in North Carolina:

  • Voluntary manslaughter, which involves an intentional killing that was either provoked or the result of mistaken self-defense
  • Involuntary manslaughter, which involves an unintentional killing resulting from criminal negligence or recklessness
  • Vehicular manslaughter, which involves negligence or recklessness on the road

Our lawyers can help you fight any of these charges.

Murder Charges

Murder charges in North Carolina are broken down as follows:

  • First-degree murder, the most serious, involves intentional, premeditated killing. It also includes felony murder – that is, unintentional death deaths that happen during the course of committing certain felonies. Life imprisonment or even the death penalty may be penalties for a first-degree murder conviction.
  • Second-degree murder involves intentional killings that weren’t premeditated. It also includes inherently dangerous conduct and providing certain illegal drugs that result in death.

Depending on the situation, various defenses may be available. Our lawyers can identify the strongest strategies for success in your case.

Discuss Your Charges During A Free Consultation

When you’re facing any kind of criminal charges, the sooner you involve a defense lawyer, the better. We are here to help. Call our office in Raleigh, North Carolina, at 984-297-0075 or reach out online to schedule your free consultation.