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Do you and your spouse have different financial priorities?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Family Law |

Marriage is about trust and tackling issues together as a couple. You won’t agree about everything but it’s important to have some fundamentals in place.

Something that causes many couples to go their separate ways is disputes over finances. Do you and your spouse have different financial priorities?

Establishing a family home

It’s always been your dream to own your own house and start a family. This was the basis on which you and your spouse got married. Recently, they’ve changed their mind. They’d rather rent, move around and see the world. You’ve already done this and it doesn’t look like there is a compromise. Sadly, this is the type of dispute that couples often fail to recover from.

Undisclosed debts

Your spouse may have had every intention of purchasing a new home with you and starting a family. Unfortunately, this was never going to be feasible because of the amount of debt they have in their name. They never told you about this from the offset, so you’ve had an unwelcome surprise. Their priority for the next few years is going to be paying off their debts and getting back on their feet financially. Often, this is something that causes irreconcilable differences between couples, especially when it has been kept a secret.

If it looks like your marriage is in trouble, then it’s important that you seek some legal guidance. This will help you assert your rights and protect your interests whatever happens next.