John’s parents were both in the military. John grew up on a military base until his parents were stationed at Camp Lejune in Jacksonville, North Carolina in the early 90’s. Before college and law school, John worked on a farm and then in the food service industry for a little over 20 years. His success as a small business owner caused him to look for ways to give back to his community and help others seek out opportunities like the ones that he had.

While working full time at his restaurant and with the support of his loving wife and three children, John graduated with honors from the University of Mount Olive and Campbell University’s Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law. John worked in the Senior Law Clinic while in law school. This, along with his personal experience in family law and business law form a base from which he offers practical, down-to-earth approach to the law that will suit most clients in Eastern North Carolina.

John primarily focuses on wills and estate planning, civil litigation, and family law.