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Where to live while you divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Family Law |

If you have spent years sharing the same bed, the decision to divorce can leave you with a difficult choice. While you cannot continue sleeping together, whether to stay living together until you finalize the divorce might be tougher to decide.

Several factors could play into your decision-making process:

The amicability of your divorce

If you are quick to argue, then sharing the same roof is unlikely to be pleasant. If the arguments sometimes turn violent, living apart as soon as possible is crucial for your safety.

Whether you have children

If you can continue sharing in peace, the kids may prefer it. Living apart may be better if you can’t, as the conflict could harm them.

Your friends and family

If one of you has people willing to let you stay, consider their offer. Look at their living circumstances too. While your best friend might love you to stay in her studio flat, her partner might be less pleased. On the other hand, if your mom has been living alone in a large house since the death of your dad, moving in a while may benefit her as much as you.

Your financial possibilities

If you already own multiple properties, then one of you moving out may be simple. The same applies if you have plenty of money to rent another place. Yet that’s not a reality for many families, and making do as best you can might be better than spending money you don’t have when the divorce will already make your finances tight.

Remember to seek help to understand if any option could have legal implications for your divorce.