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It can help for co-parents to have the same rules

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Child Custody/Support |

From a legal standpoint, you and your co-parents are not obligated to have the same rules. Maybe you had a child when you weren’t married and now you’re no longer a couple. Maybe you got divorced after having a child during your marriage. Either way, the child now splits time between both houses, and you don’t have to insist on the same rules in both homes.

That said, if there are ways that you and your co-parent can compromise and put the same rules in place, it can be helpful for the children in a few different ways.

They know what to expect

First of all, they just know what to expect at both homes, and they know what is expected of them. Young children especially may have a lot of confusion if they’re subjected to two very different sets of rules.

It gives them stability

Stability is very important for children after a divorce, and you want to give it to them in any way that you can. Having the same rules makes life feels more stable and consistent for them, and this can be very important as their general family life is changing due to the divorce.

It reduces conflict

Furthermore, having the same rules can reduce conflict between each parent and the children. They won’t have to argue over what they should do or what they’re allowed to do at someone else’s house. It can also reduce conflict between you and your co-parent. You’ll get into fewer arguments about how the children should be raised if you feel that you’re working together.

This is just one part of co-parenting that you need to consider. Be sure you understand all of your parental rights and your legal obligations.