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It is typically not smart for attorneys to give away free advice, it can put us out of a job. However, there is one mistake that that is seen over and over, and we want to help you. When you and your significant other separate, get your own bank account. There are tons of excuses not do this: (1) it is an amicable divorce, (2) I want to be able to help the other party, (3) my kids might need something, (4) they would never take money from my account. These excuses come back to bite people in the butt far more often than people want to believe. In today’s world of technology, it takes mere seconds to transfer money using applications like Venmo and CashApp. When you need to send someone money, it is already at your fingertips. Save yourself trouble, there are reasons you are no longer together and those are the same reasons to protect yourself. Even separated, if the other party takes all of your money from a joint account, there is rarely anything that can be done about it.


When a couple separates it can either be formal or very simple. There are times in which one of the parties packs up and leaves with no property or children involved in the marriage. This couple must wait 1 year before filling. In North Carolina, two parties cannot live under the same roof and be considered separate, even if you move into separate rooms and start to live separate lives. When a couple has children, owns real property, or owns a business together it can complicate the separation. Sometimes one party is unhappy and wants to make things complicated just because they are hurting. Dobson Law can help you through those difficult times.

At the time you separate it is important that you start protecting your wages, bank accounts, property, children, and yourself. Dobson Law can help you draft a separation agreement. Having a notarized separation agreement can often speed the process up when it comes for divorce. If a couple can make a formal written separation agreement prior to the end of the one year required waiting period, that written agreement can often just be adopted as the final order. This will prevent the added costs of mediation and keep your attorney costs down, as well.


Parties contemplating divorce face difficult emotional and legal decisions.

In my practice, I try to help my clients understand their situation from a legal point of view so that they can make the right choices for themselves and their children. By working to protect their legal rights and interests, I allow them to focus on building new lives for themselves after their divorce.

In any divorce and family law matter, there is no single solution that will work for everyone. In discussing your situation, Dobson Law will listen carefully to the details leading to your decision, your hopes for your future, and that of your children. We will discuss the options you have, and what it will take to obtain results for you. As Family Law attorney’s, we can utilize legal tools ranging from mediation to negotiation, and even litigation if your case requires. Together, we will decide on a legal strategy designed for your particular situation.

Whether your divorce is uncontested or presents contentious issues, I will work to obtain a positive outcome while protecting your rights and interests.

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