Alimony is payment from one spouse to another after the marriage has ended. You may be entitled to alimony after your divorce. The court looks to numerous factors that affect whether or not a spouse will receive alimony and how much alimony will be awarded. Some of those factors include:

  • The length of marriage;
  • The income of both parties;
  • The standard of living of the party seeking alimony;
  • The marital conduct of each party; and
  • The earning capacity of both parties.

The most important factor that North Carolina courts look at are the financial needs of the spouse receiving alimony.

The different kinds of alimony are: temporary, final award alimony, and lump sum alimony. Temporary alimony is used during the separation period and is not necessarily the final amount that may be awarded. There are multiple types of final award alimony. The most common types are: permanent, indefinite, or periodic alimony. Under these, a spouse receives alimony for an undefined duration, awarded in periodic installments, to take effect from the final order of dissolution until either party’s death or the recipient’s remarriage.

Post Separation Support is just like alimony.  This is designed to provide dependent spouses with financial resources to help them provide for themselves while waiting on a divorce and final alimony determination.  All of the safe factors are used in Post Separation Support and alimony. 

There are way too many factors involved in an alimony calculation to attempt to handle a divorce involving alimony on your own. Allow us to help determine whether you may be entitled to alimony and we will work diligently to protect your interests. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation at 919-591-2240 or send us an email by clicking on the button below.